Welcome to the Sloup/Thorell Detasseling Website!

Summer 2023 Info:

We will begin detasseling on Wednesday, July 5. Please arrive at the high school parking lot at 5:00 a.m. We will have safety training before we go to our field.  


1)  Name must be written on water jug with a sharpie. 

2)  Body must be covered. You can wear spandex or leggings under shorts.  You can also wear a large trash bag as a skirt. 

3)  Neck gator or bandana will help with corn cuts on neck.

4)  Long sleeve shirts will be given out around day 6. Make sure you wear your own until then.

5)  Rain jackets are recommended.

 We look forward to another great summer!

​​Updated 7-1-23

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